Photos of the Contemporary Dance Ensemble of Virginia Tech

Tuan T. Pham

CDE_BW - CDE in B&W   or, CDE in B&W, durrh!
CDE's BEST - My Most CDE's Favorites   or, one stop to my most favorites from CDE
Spring 2001 - Surrender to the Floor   or, there is nothing like the first time
Fall 2001 - Merging Antitheses   or, high contrast and grains by darkroom accident
Spring 2002 - Subconscious Crossing   or, just simply good photos
Fall 2002 - Tracking Down Life   or, searching for good photos in vain
Spring 2003 - From All Angles   or, different views from all angles
Fall 2003 - Bending the Rules   or, just some fun with my new Nikon F5
Spring 2005 - The Music Made Me Do It   or, Digital Age
Spring 2005, April Show - Gravity Optional   or, Digital Age
Fall 2005 - In & Out of Focus   or, Point and Shoot Sony DSC-V3 in raw and all
Spring 2006 - Sole Storm   or, Sony DSC-V3 in jpeg
Fall 2006 - Open Barre   or, DSLR
Fall 2007 - Dedication   or, DSLR
Spring 2008 - Turning in Time   or, pictures from my shiny D300
Forgotten History - choreographed by Madigan Milford   or, Amelia in Forgotten History piece for 16 Blocks Magazine photo essay
Fall 2008 - Split Decision   or, practice on 11/05/08
Fall 2008 - Split Decision   or, dress rehearsal on 11/06/08
Spring 2009 - Raising the Barre   or, rehearsals at Haymarket Theatre
Kathryn's Solo - The Luckiest   or, A Found Love Once in A Lifetime
Fall 2009 - Twisted   or, rehearsals at Haymarket Theatre
Spring 2010 -   or, practice in War Gym - B&W
Spring 2011 - Hop Skip Jump   or, rehearsals at the Burruss Hall

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