These are photos that I photographed for the 16 Blocks Magazine photo essay. It was my attempt to follow one dancer, one dance from class/practice to dress rehearsal. The visual effect I tried to achieve was to show how different lightings can have different visual impacts given the same or similar dance move.

I really appreciate the great help from Madigan and Amelia as well as from all dancers of CDE to make this possible. So these pictures are for their hard work and dedication in dance. Without them, you won't see these pictures anyway. :-)

Dance title: Forgotten History.
Music: Samson by Regina Spektor.
Choreographer: Madigan Milford.
Dancers: Amelia Barksdale-Patterson, Rachel Crump, Brittani Gilman, Lee Gilbaldi, Kim Hoopes, Lauren Maxey, Amy Perrow, Stephanie Stoviak, Leah Zacherl.

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dsc_1295.html dsc_1311.html dsc_1319.html dsc_1486.html
dsc_1488.html dsc_1493.html dsc_1551.html dsc_1554.html
dsc_1567.html dsc_1601.html dsc_1605.html dsc_1613.html
dsc_1623.html dsc_1630.html dsc_1650.html dsc_1651.html
dsc_1664.html dsc_1677.html dsc_1890.html dsc_2129.html
dsc_2135.html dsc_2153.html dsc_2175.html dsc_2179.html
dsc_2181.html dsc_2183.html dsc_2184.html dsc_2191.html
dsc_2322.html dsc_2709.html dsc_2720.html dsc_2724.html
dsc_2726.html dsc_2734.html dsc_2744.html dsc_2745.html
dsc_2751.html dsc_2752.html dsc_2756.html dsc_2790.html
dsc_2811.html dsc_3405.html dsc_3504.html dsc_3512.html

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