Tuan T. Pham

Light Brush :: My 2nd attempt with light brush technique
Dance for the Camera :: Just Dances!
Necklaces :: Necklaces in Velvia 50
Necklaces1.1 :: No color or artificial inngredients added!
LightBrush2.0 :: Light brush with Susana in Armory Studio
Dance 2.0 :: Spot light with Susana in B&W
Pandora's Box :: Some test shots with Pandora's Box concept
LightBrush 3.0 :: Light brush with Rebecca
Fuzzy 1.0 :: Slow shutter speed with Ilaria - Camera Nikon D200 and 17-55mm/2.8 courtesy of Paul Lockaby
Fuzzy 1.1 :: Slow shutter speed and portrait with Ilaria - Fuji 690SW III and Nikon F5
Dance 3.0 :: Dance for the Camera
Lyric :: Spot light with dancers
Light Brush 3.1 :: Light brush with Valerie
Light Brush 3.11 :: Light brush with Valerie - reprocessed by Photoshop CS5
Light Brush 3.2 :: Light Brush with color gel
Light Brush 3.3 :: Light Brush in Center of Dance with Leah Zacherl
Ashlynn :: Ashlynn as a dancer
Valerie -- RL :: Valerie -- made in France (re-processed version of LightBrush3.1)
Marie Belle -- take 0 :: Marie Belle doing yoga in Light Brush
Marie Belle -- take 1 :: Marie Belle doing yoga
Marie Belle -- take 2 :: Marie Belle doing yoga in Light Brush
Marie Belle -- take 3 :: Marie Belle doing yoga by Potomac River
Marie Belle -- take 4 :: morning by the Potomac River
Marie Belle -- take 5 :: Friday at home
Amanda C. Overstreet :: Lightbrush with Amanda C. Overstreet
Katie Wells :: Flash & Flour Powder with Katie Wells
1984 :: LED painting with Christina Wise (new!)
FLash :: Slow shutter speed with flash (new!)