Photos from my excursions

Tuan T. Pham

April 16 - Tragedy at Virginia Tech   or, the day after
Blacksburg 2004 - Around Blacksburg in Falls 2004   or, photo trip with Chris
Cascades - Cascades 2001-2002   or, photo trip with SPPS
Cascades - Winter 2005/2006   or, photo trip with Chris
Cascades - Cascades and Upper Falls 2008   or, hiking with Martina
Dance Place - Dance Place in Washington D.C.   or, field trip with Hiro to Dance Place
Dragon's Tooth - Sunrise at Dragon's Tooth   or, hiking with the Corps of Cadet to watch sunrise
Germany - First trip to Europe   or, riding my bike in Deutschland
Europe Trip - Europe Tripe in 2008   or, travels with Giant OCR3 in Germany, Poland, Czech, and Netherlands
Europe 2011 - Europe Tripe in 2011   or, [Embedded] Linux Conference in Prague, Czech Republic
Falls Ridge - Little Waterfall   or, my last 120 Velvia 50 ISO
Power Plant - Coal Power Plant   or, my excursion to Virginia Tech Power Plant
Minneapolis - Weekend in Minneapolis   or, my excursion to Minneapolis
TCF - Terascale Computing Facility   or, a visit to the System X and others
UK 2010 - Cambridge and London   or, going to the Embedded Linux Conference 2010
Upper Falls - Upper Falls   or, Upper Falls in B&W
Zenon - Zenon Dance Studio   or, a visit to see Dang's choreography

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