Some pseudo-portraiture works

Tuan Trung Pham

Ngoc-Anh - Candle light in warm tone   :: photo shooting by accident and messing up Andrew's table
Anu - "Self-portrait" for Anu's class   :: testing my new shiny Nikon F5
Bekah - Bekah the uber-cool barista   :: Nikon F5
Elena - Backlighting   :: Belly dance costumes in sunset with Ana and Elena
Erin - Sepia tone and others   :: pre-cross-processed era
Erin - Cross-processed in C41   :: what I did for April Fool 2003
Jackie - Window lighting   :: Jackie (what can I say?)
Jasmin - Duckpond   :: some photos for Jasmin :-)
Jenn - Defocus lens and others   :: the Princess Pony
Josipa - High key and others   :: the Bosnian Princess
Julie Karaffa - High key and others   :: some portrait shots at Rosemont 310 and around campus
Julie Karaffa - Some B&W and others   :: some fashion shots at Rosemont 310
Kasey Branch - Cool WB   :: some pictures of Kasey on top of Kent Square
Kasey Branch - Intense   :: Kasey around the corridor and staircase
Leah - Leah Zacherl   :: my venture with high key in D300
Madigan - Outdoor diffused light   :: Madigan playing violin under autumn foilage
Maggie Clifford - Maggie   :: Maggie the musician
Mei - Unidirectional light   :: playing with light in Owens studio
Ngoc Anh - Studio and fake hikey   :: playing with Canon 5D in studio
Paula - Window lighting   :: some new photos for the AccessDenied project
Rebecca - Sunset lighting   :: non-medium-format with Rebecca
Rebecca - Back lighting   :: some proof of concept shots for Pandora's box
Robin - Flash, still, motion, and all   :: dance and dance and dance :-)
Susana - Studio portrait   :: Studio portrait with Susana
Tara - Cross-processing and flash   :: SPPS and CT studio :-)
Tara - Light brush in CT office   :: failed light brush attempt
Tara - Armory studio   :: prelude for light brush shots
Tara - Armory studio   :: after light brush shots
MrKompany - Olyssa's cat   :: the little cool cat
Tuan - Semi-selfportraits   :: when my fellow photographers shoot me